I graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry and spent 4 years in genetic research before embarking on a career in intellectual property law, specializing in the fields of life-science, medical device and mechanical device patents, as well as trade marks and industrial designs. I am a qualified European Patent Attorney and a European Trade Mark & Design Attorney. I sometimes work as a Naturalist/Field Guide, Zodiac Driver, and Photo Instructor with Lindblad/National Geographic. 

I have been a keen birdwatcher since my early school days and have now combined my knowledge of birds with photography. The lure of the camera had always been there though, as my father and uncle are both passionate photographers/film-makers and my grandfather was a very well-known photographer in Ireland. An opportunity to work and live in Japan for 3 years prompted me to pick up the camera once again and record my time in Osaka and beyond, with my spare time there spent birdwatching and traveling throughout the Japanese archipelago. It was during this time that my passion for wildlife and landscape photography took off. 

I initially started off using a Nikon D70s with an 80-400mm VR Nikkor lens but switched over to a Canon 30D with a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens. I have replaced the camera body a few times now and predominantly used a Canon 500mm f/4, sometimes combined with a 1.4x extender. Currently, I am using the Sony mirrorless system. 

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